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Booking a Site

Stall numbers including food vendors will be restricted for this event to ensure "quality remains the number 1 priority".  Note that your application is subject to Venue numbers that the

Brighton Gala Day experience Organisers has agreed to.   

So acceptance of stall applications requires Organisers final confirmation.

If you would like to book a site for the 2025 Brighton Gala Day please download the relevant

registration form below.  


There are TWO options for food sites - community or commercial vendors.  

Please choose the correct form and ensure you have complied to all food handling regulations by local authority.  Note :  the Dunedin City Council has introduced a new food stall concessionaire charge for commercial sites.

Each food applicaton requires event organisers sign off and approve before

acceptance of the vendor's application.

After completion of the form and signing please forward to Gala Day organisers by email

or post to 1118 Brighton Road, Brighton 9035, Dunedin

Forms must be signed and completed and full payment made before your site is confirmed.  

Payment can be made by bank deposit (details on form)   Bookings/payments must be made on/before 10 January 2025 or they will incur a late payment fee of $10 per site.

Food sites - please check all regulations have been approved before submitting.  

For entertainment sites please contact the organisers directly.

Booking forms
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